How to Convert Your Videos for Twitter?

You might ask yourself why would I need to convert my videos for Twitter. The answer is Twitter only accepts a particular video format, dimension as well as resolution. Twitter has its restrictions for uploading videos by clip length and size. And you should also consider the fact that most of the users will use their smartphones to watch your videos, so if you use the 4K resolution, then you can imagine what will happen. It is a pretty good idea to convert your clips in advance to avoid the errors and other technical issues due to video resolutions.

About the Twitter Videos

The things you need to be aware of given here. By becoming aware of these factors, you would be able to make a decision about how you would get your Smartphone videos compatible with Twitter.

Twitter allows users to send clips using the direct messages on their platform if you want to do so; however, some users love to upload their clips on their timeline so that the followers can see what they are doing or watching. You are also allowed to remove a clip from your Twitter profile after you uploaded it. Removing a clip is almost identical to removing an image.

You are not enabled to tag people in Twitter videos; however, you can tag other users in any of your images. There is a minimum resolution you can upload is 32 × 32, except keep in mind. It is too small and be supposed to be kept for fundamental animations such as pixel art.

There is the maximum allowed resolution is 1920 x 1200, but you could keep in mind that most of the Twitter viewers will be using their phones to watch your videos, so your efforts to upload the highest quality can be useless.

According to the Twitter team, the aspect ratio of the videos can be somewhere between 1:2.39 – 2.39:1. The maximum frame rate allowed from Twitter is 40 flips as well as the max permitted bitrate is 25 Mbps. For phones, Twitter is restricted to MOV & MP4 videos. On the internet, Twitter is compatible with MP4 and H264 with AAC audio encoding.

Converting to the Right Numbers

The statistics presented above in this article are to signify how you could make your videos ready for Twitter. But, many Twitter users try to upload their files directly on Twitter. Then they wait for Twitter’s error message or other issues with the upload. For illustration, In case a user uploads too large, then the files will be automatically trimmed down, and then it will be uploaded.

Ways to Convert Videos for Twitter


It is a handy online video conversion tool especially suitable for Twitter since it comes with a Twitter preset. In the software, the presets are the options list for choosing resolutions. The additional feature is that you might upload videos directly through a URL, Google Drive, and DropBox.

The utility also enables users to play with a couple of various configurations. For instance, users could choose between the default file size, video codec, frame rate as well as much other. Users can convert their videos into several formats; however, the main formats you should use while transforming videos for Twitter are MOV and MP4.


In case you wish for an incredible or more powerful converter, then give a try and see how powerful the program is due to being an offline software. The tool is entirely free for downloading and using. The app is indeed advanced and has several amazing features that surpass any other online converters, even offline ones like ForMat Factory. The drawback is apparent as it is an advanced editing software and needs a knowledgeable user with having sort of experience in order to access its conversion feature.

Users could try to learn the way to convert a file via it; however, you might miss the cool and advanced features of the software. Blender enables its users to convert, alter as well as decorate your Twitter videos to make them even more appealing.

Which of the Converter Beast is Great?

The first one,, cannot be considered a simple utility. However, the program is pretty quick and straight to access, and for daily use, we would recommend this one. Alternatively, the Blender is a heavy-duty app that is also very complex and difficult to understand. They both are perfect for making your videos ready for the Twitter timeline.

However, if your usage is simple and you want to make additional experiments on your clips, then head to the most comfortable option. Yes, the videos edited with Blender might appear much improved if you do a lot of work on them. Moreover, if you go for the Blender one, then you would be needed to download and install it before starting to convert a video through it.

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