If you are a fan of the Final Fantasy Series, then it is good news that the FF7 has an ending. It provided the conclusion to the main character for this series. Do you know that FF7 has an ending which kept secret? If you have missed it, then you should not worry about it. It is not a big thing. But if you care for the proper ending, then you can check this out. If you wish to see it, then you should follow this article.

The ending sequence is just of the few seconds footage. Triggering this sequence is not that hard. At the ending, your playing avatar has to go to the bottom. If you are a fan of the series, then fair warning it can get the shivering by watching this clip. This ending clip is entirely new, and there is nothing on the trailer of the game regarding the ending of the game.

At last, the biggest question is, how can you trigger the ending sequence?

Triggering the Secret Ending of FF7 Demo

In the game, you will find no more enormous trick to trigger the ending sequence. For this sequence, you have to set the timer of the 20 minutes from the option at the time of planting the bomb. This task comes when you reach the midway in the basement of the reactor named Mako.

Even if Barret advises you to increase the timer of the bomb, don’t do it because when you set it to 20 minutes, then it will lock the secret ending. When you don’t change the timer, then there can be some heated exchange between your character and Barret. You can hear saying “cocky” and many other things addressing you.

Ignore him and focus on the task in hand, which is getting out from the radius of the explosion. As you keep going, Barret will follow you, which will be not hard because you don’t have to fave any other enemy here on. Generally, it takes 6 to 8 minutes to get out of the radius of the blast, so avoid the distraction and take minimum detours. You have only 12 to 14 minutes to spare, keep this in your mind but it will be useful if you stop at far from the radius of the blast.

Once you can get out from the blast radius, the end scene will trigger automatically. In the end scene, you will get to see the destruction of the reactor from the safe distance and the viewpoint will be from the City. After the explosion scene, you will see the glimpse of the whole game-play and here you will see your entire journey in the game in the form of small video bits. This series of glimpse will come to an end, and you will see the logo of the FF7 Demo on the screen. This way, the whole secret ending scene will end, and the game will end. By the way, if you didn’t end the game SPOILER ALERT!!

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